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The Thomas Cox Charity (1902)
Registered Number 215944

87 The Plain





The charity was founded in 1902 following a bequest in the will of Mr William Cox of Brailsford Hall who died on December 19th 1900.

The original sum invested was £500, bringing in an income of thirteen pound and 15 shillings, which was to be distributed at the discretion of the trustees for the benefit of the people of Brailsford and Ednaston. Since the 1970's, some investment of the income has taken place which has resulted in an improved return for distribution. In addition, there have been donations from Brailsford Parish Council, Brailsford Social Group, donations from named sources, anonymous donations and bequests.

There are currently five trustees, two nominated and approved by the Parish Council (Mr D Chadwick and Mr P Dowling) and three co-opted members (Mrs S Briggs, Mr T Dalton and Mr R Jones) who meet annually.

Traditionally the charity used income in different ways, such as cash gifts, useable goods or fuel. In recent years, the charity has provided Christmas hampers and a cash gift towards books for students going on to further education. The hampers are awarded to local residents, recipients names being agreed by the trustees at their Annual meeting. The criteria on which the trustees make their decision is, for residents who are/or have been unwell, are bereaved, service to the community or other deserving reasons. The hampers are made up and distributed by the trustees.

The Student gifts can be applied for those who intend to gain a place at a University. In the main these are from Students who have attended Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. The Trust is made known to students by the Head of Sixth Form.